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    The operator of the online store and your personal data administrator is
    ADELAIDA GRYGIEŃĆ spółka jawna based in Suwałki (16-400), 26 Waryńskiego St., registered within the National Court Registry (KRS) by Regional Court for the City of Białystok 12th Commercial Department of the National Court Registry under KRS# 0000213682, VAT# 844-213-65-97, REGON 791068703, e-mail address:, hereinafter called the Operator.

    § 1 Cookies Policy

    This Privacy Policy sets out the terms for storage of information and access to information stored on Users' devices with the use of Cookie files, which are necessary to process the services ordered by the User and delivered by electronic means by Adelaida Grygieńć Spółka Jawna based in Suwałki (16-400) in 26 Waryńskiego St.,


    I. Definitions

    1. Cookies - are a form of computer data files, in particular small text files, stored on the Device used by the User to access the website of the Store.
    2. Operator's Cookies - are Cookie files deployed by the Operator's partners through the website of the Service.
    3. External Cookies - are Cookie files deployed by the Operator's partners through the website of the Service.
    4. The Service - is the website or web application within the domain through which the Operator delivers their Internet service.
    5. The Device - is an electronic device through which the user gains access to the Service.
    6. User - is the entity for whom services may be rendered by electronic means or with whom the Operator may enter into an agreement for provision of services by electronic means in compliance with this Cookie Policy.


    II. Types of Cookies used by the Operator

    1. The Cookies used by the Operator are safe for the User's Device. In particular, it is not possible to penetrate the User's Device with the use of those Cookies, or deliver viruses or other unwanted software or malware. These files allow us to identify the software used by the User an adapt the Service accordingly to each individual User. Cookies typically contain the name of the domain from which they originate, the time when they were stored on the given Device and an assigned a value.

    2. The operator uses two types of cookies:
      a. Session Cookies: those are stored on the User's Device and remain there until the end of the browser session. The recorded information is then permanently deleted from the memory of the Device. The Session Cookie mechanism does not allow for any personal or confidential information to be downloaded from your Device.
      b. Permanent Cookies: those are stored on the User's Device and remain there until they are deleted. The end of the browser session, or switching off the Device do not cause for Permanent Cookies to be removed. The Permanent Cookie mechanism does not allow for any personal or confidential information to be downloaded from your Device.

    3. The User has the ability to limit or disable the access of Cookies to their device. If you use this option, the use of the Service will be possible, but some functions, which may require Cookies will be limited.


    III. The purposes for which Cookie files are used

    1. The Operator uses Own Cookie files for the following purposes:
      a. Configuration of the Service
      I) adaptation of website content to User preferences and optimization of the use of the Service.
      II) recognition of the User's Device and its location and proper display of the web page, tailored to their individual needs;
      III) storage of settings selected by the User and personalization of the User interface, eg. the chosen language or where the User makes purchases,
      iv) determining the font size, appearance of the website, etc ...
      b. User authorization within the site and session delivery
      I) User's session maintenance (after logging in), which allows for the User to use the Service without re-entering his/her login and password on every subpage;
      II) proper configuration of selected functions of the Service, allowing in particular for authentication of the browser session.
      III) optimization and improving efficiency of services provided by the Operator.
      c. Delivery of processes necessary for complete functionality of the Service
      I) adaptation of website content to User preferences and optimization of the use of the Service. In particular, these files allow for recognition of the basic parameters of the User's Device and proper display of the web page, tailored to their individual needs;
      II) correct handling of the affiliate program, allowing in particular for verification of User traffic sources.
      d. Storing information about the User's location
      I) proper configuration of selected functions of the Service, allowing in particular for adaptation of the information provided to the User with regards to their location.
      e. Analysis, testing and auditing traffic
      I) creating anonymous statistics which help understand how the Service Users benefit from websites and allow for improvement of their structure and content;
      f) Advertising
      I)The website uses cookie files due to advertising reason. Thanks to that we can present our visitors who are interested in our products ads on our partner websites in apps and other messages. The technology uses cookie and advertising id to display ads based on your browser history.

    2. Operator of the Service uses External Cookies for the following purposes:
      a. presentation of multimedia content on the websites of the Service, which is linked from an external web site:
      I) [administrator of cookie files: Google Inc., USA]
      b. collection of general and anonymous data with the use of statistical analysis tools:
      I) Google Analytics [administrator of cookie files: Google Inc., USA]
      c. use of interactive features in order to promote the Service using social networking sites:
      III) [administrator of cookie files: Facebook Inc. based in the US or Facebook Ireland based in Ireland]
      d. to present comments on the websites of the Service, which are linked from an external web site:
      II) Trusted Shops [administrator of cookie files: Trusted Shops GmbH, based in Germany]
      e. to facilitate communication through the website of the Service, using functions which are linked to an external provider:
      I) [administrator of cookie files: Microsoft Corporation, USA]
      II) [administrator of cookie files: GG Network SA based in Warsaw]


    IV. The possibility to determine the conditions of storage or access to Cookie files

    1. The User can change his/her cookie settings individually at any time by specifying conditions for their storage and for access to the Users' devices with the use of Cookies. Changes to the settings referred to above, can be made using web browser settings, or by properly configuring the service. In particular, these settings can be changed in such a way that the automatic support for Cookies will be blocked by the browser or an alert will occur every time a Cookie file is issued to the User's Device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling Cookies is available in the software settings (for the web browser).

    2. The user may remove Cookie files at any time using the functions available within the web browser this he/she uses. 3. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the functions of the Service web site.


    § 2 The types of collected data

    Types of data collected during registration or in the process of making an order without registration: If the user decides to register or make an order without registering he/she will be asked to provide such data as: name and surname, address, telephone number and shipping address: name and surname of the recipient, address of the recipient, telephone number for the recipient. Date collected automatically: When using the Website the following data is gathered automatically: IP number, screen resolution and colors, type of operating system and browser, Flash version, Java compatibility.
    This data will be archived and used for the purpose of statistical analysis and evaluation of global traffic for the Website. This data will not be related to the personal data provided by the User.


    § 3 What is the User's data used for:

    The Operator uses the gathered data for the following purposes
    - processing and dispatching orders and processing transactions
    - correspondence with regards to the details of the order and delivery
    - technical correspondence - e.g. password reminders
    - with the purpose of disclosing the details, in case it is necessary, to employees of the General Inspectorate for Personal Data Protection in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
    - with the purpose of disclosing the details to proper authorities when specific legal regulations require or when the Operator must be protected from illegal or harmful activities of the User.


    § 4 Who has access to this information?

    Authorized employees of the Operator and companies engaged directly in operating the store, delivery, and processing transactions have access to this information (e.g. delivery company, which obtains details necessary to make the delivery, transaction processing company).
    In exceptional cases personal data of users may be disclosed to proper authorities. This kind of situation may take place when it is required by law or when the Operator must be protected against illegal or harmful actions.

    This Website uses Google Analytics, a service which analyses traffic of websites provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses "cookies", which are text files placed on users' computers to make it possible to analyze how they use the website. Information generated by cookie files regarding how the user uses the website (including his/her IP number) will be disclosed to Google and stored by them on their servers in the United States. Google will use this information in order to evaluate how the user used the website, create reports regarding website traffic for website operators and to provide other services related to web traffic and internet usage. Google may also disclose this information to third persons, if it is required to do so by law, or in case these third persons process this information in Google's name. Google will not relate the user's IP address with any other data in their possession. The user may block cookie files by selecting particular settings within his/her web browser, but please remember, that in such case using some functions of the website may not be possible. By using this website the user agrees to this data to be processed b Google.



    § 5 Newsletter

    If you agreed (newsletter opt-in), the e-mail provided by you will be used for marketing purposes. Clients receive our current marketing offer in the form of a newsletter. Users, who would like to sign up for the newsletter are asked to provide their e-mail address and agree for their data to be processed for marketing purposes. Details of users who agreed to receive the newsletter and have not placed any orders are added to mailing list. They are only used for the purpose of sending newsletters. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter service at any time ("withdrawal") by selecting the right option in the account: My account > Newsletter settings > I want to receive information about SuperKoszyk's offers and promotions, or by sending us an e-mail ( asking to unsubscribe.



    § 6 How the operator contacts users

    With regards to orders, including confirmation of registration, order confirmation and payment for transactions the Operator may contact the user via e-mail or telephone provided by the user.


    § 7 How to change personal details


    Each user has the right to view and modify their personal data. They may do this individually, by accessing their account details after logging in, or by contacting the Operator via e-mail
    In order to remove your personal data from our database please send us such request via e-mail to After deleting the data accessing order history or the rebate programme will not be possible.
    In case the user requests to modify or remove their data within our database via e-mail the Operator may ask for the user to confirm their identity.


    § 8 Transaction Security

    Contents of the Operator's website are absolutely safe, also for children. There is no content which would be dangerous or inappropriate for children.
    The Operator undertakes all reasonable actions to protect users' personal data. The Operator cannot guarantee to completely avoid the risk for the personal data to be used by hackers. All passwords for accounts should be stored in a safe place and should not be disclosed to third persons. If the password is used by an unauthorized person or any other threat to security is suspected the Operator should be notified immediately.


    § 9 Security of financial transactions

    In case of card payments the payments are processed on the websites of the following companies:, PayByNet and PayPal, which are responsible for security and authorization of transactions. The Operator does not have access to any information processed for the purpose of making the payment, including the card number, expiry date, or the holder's name.


    § 10 Voluntary provision of data

    Providing personal details to the Operator is voluntary. In case the data is nod provided sale and delivery of orders may not be possible.


    § 11 Recording, securing and making the contents of the agreement available


    Recording, securing and making details of the order and the Terms and Conditions of Service available takes place vial electronic mail. This is where the user may refer to at any time. Any earlier orders can be reviewed within the account after logging in.

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